Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Common Cause Sounds the Alarm

On April 21, Common Cause RI sent a letter to Governor Carcieri raising serious concerns about three current vacancies and a fourth vacancy expected this summer, on the seven member RI Board of Elections. Appointments to the Board of Elections are made by the Governor with the advice and consent of the Senate.Common Cause was gravely concerned that if the Senate recessed its session in June, and the Governor had not made appointments to the Board of Elections by then, the Board would not have a quorum in the fall to certify the results of the State and Presidential elections in September and November. If these three vacant seats were not filled and the fourth were vacated, Rhode Island would face a major electoral crisis during a year when record voter participation and interest is expected.After inquiries from the media that followed Common Cause Rhode Island’s lead and alarm, on May 21 the Providence Journal reported that the Governor finally submitted three nominations to the Board of Elections for the Senate’s advice and consent.Click here to read the April 21, Providence Journal article on appointments to the Board of Elections